Finders Keepers Mine

girl outside Finders Keepers mine

Dig and sift through beach sand at the Finders Keepers Mine to find hidden treasures like semi-precious stones, collector’s coins, lucky charms, and golden nuggets. You can also win some wonderful prizes.

Our unique mine is fun for all ages. What you find is yours to keep – one golden nugget entitles you to draw a coin (Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold or Diamond) which in turn win you a prize of relative proportion.

If you’re lucky enough to find two golden nuggets, you’ll be entitled you to a second draw in a barrel of keys – if the key you choose opens one of the four treasure chests, you’ll win whatever is on top of that particular chest.

Many people have left Sun City with an unexpected and welcome prize!

While you’re there you can also shop for curios and clothing.

AdultR 199.00
ChildR 139.00
Prices are per person