There’s loads of fun for the whole family to do at Sun City Waterworld. From the thrill of parasailing and water skiing to a relaxing ride on our miniature train, we have something for everyone.


There is a R15 fuel surcharge on all boat and jet ski rides (Public Cruise excluded).


After a short run you’ll be hoisted effortlessly into the air to a height of about 35 meters. You’ll Thrill to this unique and exhilarating flight around the lake, with the beautiful Sun City Resort nestling below your feet, before landing gently back into the water.

You can double the excitement and choosing to go on a double parasail – either side by side or one behind the other.

SingleR 999.00
DoubleR 1499.00

Jet Ski

A jet ski is a jet powered craft much like a motorbike on water. It is highly maneuverable, thrillingly fast and yet very stable.

On a double jet ski, riders sit one behind the other.

Take a primary lap with our instructor who will show you where and how to drive, then you’re on your own.

Enjoy even more fun with our 3 Ride Package Special.

SingleR 639.00
DoubleR 769.00

Speed Boat

Enjoy a wonderful view of Sun City and the Gary Player Golf Course while on an exhilarating ride on one of our powerful speed boats driven by our experienced skipper.

Up to 7 people can go on a boat together.

Per BoatR 499.00
Up to 7 people per boat

Wake Snake

The wake snake is an inflatable pencil-shaped pontoon with handles. The rider sits on top, one person behind the other. Up to 5 people can go on a wake snake together.

Once you’re in position, hold on tight for a fun-filled, bumpy ride!

Per personR 239.00

Tube Ride

The tube is an inflatable ring with handles on either side. The rider sits inside with their legs hanging out and the tube is towed behind the boat for a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping ride of your life!

Up to 4 tubes can be towed on a ride.

Per personR 319.00

Water Ski & Wake Board

Water-skiing is an age old classic where a rider is towed on water skis behind a boat.

Water Ski and Wake Board Lessons

We have a highly qualified instructor on hand, so you don’t need any previous experience to water ski or wake board at Waterworld. Our instructor will instruct you on land, and then accompany you in the water.

Water SkiR 699.00
Water Ski LessonR 1629.00
Wake BoardR 769.00
Wake Board Lesson R 1639.00
Prices are per person

Public Cruise Boat

We invite you to relax and rejuvenate yourself onboard our large cruise boat “Tsala” (meaning friend in Tswana).

The barge departs twice daily at 12:00 and 16:30 for a leisurely 30 minute trip around our lake.

The skipper provides an interesting talk on the history of the Sun City Resort, as well as pointing out the numerous birds that live along the shores of the lake.

Per personR 69.00
Children under 11 years old – free of charge.

Private Cruise

Bring your drinks and snacks and board one of our two private cruise boats for a 30 minute or 60 minute leisurely cruise around our lake and an unrivalled view of Sun City and the Gary Player Golf Course.

Up to 9 people plus our professional skipper.

30 MinutesR 419.00
60 MinutesR 689.00
Up to 9 people per boat

Rock Venture Mini Golf

Rock Venture Mini Golf is our miniature golf course set between the Waterworld Lake and the rolling green lawns of the Cabanas Hotel.

The 18-hole course is filled with exciting and sometimes challenging obstacles like water hazards and rocks and is lots of fun for kids and adults.

1 PlayerR 59.00
2 PlayersR 109.00
3 PlayersR 139.00
4 PlayersR 149.00

Kazooma Raceway

The Kazooma Raceway is our miniature Formula One race-track and grandstand for aspiring racing drivers to show off their driving skills in one of our eco-friendly electric cars or quad bikes.

Per personR 179.00

Stimela Train

The Stimela Train is a miniature diesel train replica that departs from a quaint Victorian station for a ride over a natural wetland area and part of the lake before chugging back to the station

The Stimela Train is fun for kids and adults.

Adult per personR 59.00
Child per personR 49.00
Family of 3R 149.00
Family of 4R 169.00
Family of 5R 199.00